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Magic is everywhere.  Transcend, Krista Hartman’s new album, proves that the genuine quest to uncover it, is worth the authentic pursuit.

“Music is magic” she says candidly. “That said, there are many times I could have convinced myself to quit had I failed to have gone inward. I’m so glad in retrospect that I have created my 4th record with Jordon Zadarozny,” Pembroke based producer also known as Blinker the Star.  Hartman’s personal life hints that she is a chameleon: a mother, an artist, a teacher and a devout traveller who is very dedicated to her path as a musician.

Since her 2015 record, Constellations, Hartman has been busy uncovering the gems that make her craft truly meaningful and aligned. The songs she has written on this record were created shortly after a songwriters retreat on Bowen Island, British Columbia. “Having a balanced mind, body and spirit is the key to a fulfilling creative path” she is convinced.  That said, having recently moved to Ontario, Hartman struggled to fund her music. “I had been successful garnering funding for all three of my records in Alberta, but once I moved to Ontario, the competition to attain funding was high. I was forced to self-fund this album, something I had never had to do in the past. Doing so made me feel very accountable to each song. I wanted to make sure that the songs were undeniable.”

Hartman had a few false starts and stops in various Ottawa based studios, trying to find the right vibe and producer, “I didn’t want to settle for a record I didn’t feel, I wanted a meaningful collaboration.”  The songs had to be chosen by someone who had a catalogue she respected. When she discovered that Jordon Zadorozny had written songs with Courtney Love and produced Sam Roberts, she was certain upon meeting him that  he would help elevate her art.  She sent  several folders of songs, he was the sounding board that chiseled the record.  The first ballad “I’m Your Garden” had the magical vibe she was hoping for. Then, “Moonlit Motel”  and “Higher Than Skies” two edgy masculine driven rock songs arrived. Six months later, she and Jordon reconvened to create, “Flower Child” and “Psychic Lady” two songs  bowing to feminine energy.  Finally,  “Lullaby” a spirited double entendre where she sings “always only a mystery the story we call life.” The outcome was a perfectly  balanced record.

The creative process can seem intimidating. There was a level of space that helped Hartman rely on her inner compass as an artist.  For the first time, she didn’t feel silenced in the studio, she felt liberated.  For a year, she drove through snowstorms in Winter and rainstorms in Spring to the studio. She translated her vision and it was received with unbiased attention. When it was time to record, she wasn’t told to put down her guitar, she played on every song, experimented with synth lines and piano rhythms. She orchestrated drum fills that  Jordon executed meticulously with more  precision than she could’ve hoped for. She had uncovered synergy.

Transcend will arrive single, by single on June 1st, 2020. 

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